inbestMe Portfolios

We launch Target Portfolios in EUR and USD

In line with our objective of offering the best solutions to our clients to achieve their financial objectives and cover all their financial needs, we announce the launch of target portfolios in two currencies and starting at €5,000/$ with the following options:

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How to open a savings account on inbestMe step-by-step

Opening a savings portfolio on inbestMe is a comfortable and simple process that will not take you more than a few minutes, thanks to the fact that it is a completely online process with guided steps. Of course, in addition to a device connected to the Internet to register on the platform, you will also…

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The ECB and the Yield of the Savings Portfolio in Euros rise by 0.25% and about the opportunity of the 100% bond portfolio

At its September 2023 meeting, the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to raise interest rates again by another 0.25%. The official interest rate (deposit facility or interest rate at which banks can make demand deposits with the central bank) was increased to 4%. The increase is due to the fact that although inflation has decreased,…

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Portfolio performance at the end of June 2023

Although the majority of analysts had a negative view and forecasted a recession, the first half of 2023 proved to be a favourable period for financial markets.  This came after a horrible 2022 in which stocks and bonds fell together. In this article, we bring you the portfolio returns as of the end of June…

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