General disclaimer

General disclaimer

inbestMe manages the website and its mobile applications, which includes our “resource centre” and generic and specific content on the world of investment under different sections. inbestMe is a securities agency that is registered with the Spanish Stock Market Commission–CNMV under number 272. The content in the website or in our applications should not be considered as recommendations to buy or sell any type of financial asset. Our financial advisory services are only provided to clients who agree to become beneficiaries of inbestMe services after accepting the Client Agreement. inbestMe insists on the need for investors to read and consider the Agreement to determine if these arrangements are suited to their personal needs and circumstances.

Disclaimer on the use of our website

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inbestMe is open to multiple methodologies. We combine these depending on the type of portfolios and according to the details below. inbestMe is not closed to incorporating further methodologies. For a complete description click here. Here is a brief summary of some of the most important concepts:

  • Our portfolios are based on the concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory. Based on these concepts and to sum up, it has been established that combining different uncorrelated asset classes in portfolios reduces the risk in the portfolio. Another way of expressing these concepts is that it seeks optimization of returns for a specific level of risk. This concept has come to be known as “the only free lunch in finance”. In short, it is about seeking the optimization of asset distribution in a portfolio to maximize and optimize the performance for the different risk profiles.
  • In inbestMe Basic portfolios the investment process is highly automated. The objective is to maintain the optimal asset distribution for each risk profile. The portfolio is periodically monitored to readjust to the optimal percentages. In inbestMe Dynamic portfolios, 30%/40% of the portfolio is managed dynamically, that is, our experts adjust the portfolio according to our management parameters to optimize the distribution of the portfolio depending on the situation of the market. The remaining 60%/70% of the portfolio is still indexed according to the parameters of the inbestMe Basic portfolios.
  • In our advance portfolios the client can combine different inbestMe packs. These packs allow additional customization depending on the investor’s preferences. inbestMe has developed a methodology so the investor, while further customizing his portfolio, will remain within the volatility range appropriate to their risk profile recommended in their suitability test within a range of +/-5%. The methodology also indicates how your potential long-term returns will change and warns you not to go beyond the optimal diversification limits.

ETFs: fees and returns

ETFs have implicit expenses that reduce their net value, reducing their performance and thus affecting the performance of the client’s portfolio and/or comparison with its benchmark. Expenses typically include management, custody, legal, accounting and auditing expenses. The projections we publish take these expenses into account. In addition to the expenses, ETFs have a tracking error regarding their index. inbestMe takes into account both these as well as other factors in order to select the best ETFs, although these may vary.

The performance of ETFs may not perfectly follow the performance of the benchmark index or market for various reasons.

  1. Because the ETF incurs transaction costs and expenses that the index—being simply a mathematical calculation—does not incur;
  2. Some of the assets included in the index are temporarily unavailable;
  3. The supply and demand of the ETF may mean it trades at a premium or a discount compared to the net value of the assets contained in the ETF.

The client should be aware that in certain exceptional situations it may be difficult to carry out transactions with the assets in their portfolio. This liquidity risk may occur due to several factors, amongst which we indicate the following;

  1. Extreme volatility in the markets;
  2. Market closures or temporary technical issues;
  3. Assets temporarily suspended or limited listing.

Commissions, execution of orders and disclaimer on accounts

Recommendations vary for each client. Commissions may vary for each client and the portfolio plan chosen. Fees are calculated based on assets managed. A summary is available in the Costs menu item on our website, and they are detailed in the Customer Agreement.

inbestMe uses an external partner to execute transactions through Interactive Brokers (IB). We have selected IB for their quality, as recognized by Barrons. The client must verify that they are comfortable with creating an account at IB and we recommend that, should they wish to delve deeper, they should carefully read the information provided by IB.

In most cases we execute limited orders to try and avoid unwelcome situations in the buying/selling process. However, in certain situations this may not be possible. This may occur especially in case urgency is required by the client when liquidating positions. In general, the type of management exercised by inbestMe does not require urgent decisions, and still less at moments of high volatility. Our service is portfolio management and not trading, so therefore it is not based on quick execution of orders short term but on an optimal distribution of assets, whether strategic or tactical. In the event a client decides to hastily liquidate their positions or change their profile at times of extreme volatility, InbestMe will warn the client of this, advising against the execution of orders in such situations. In extreme cases, when despite everything, the client wants to go ahead, inbestMe may require an explicit acceptance by the client confirming that they accept the additional losses due to an extreme situation of mismatch between supply and demand, causing misalignment prices of their intrinsic values.

Specific disclaimer on graphs

About the returns or the plan simulator

These projections are net after discounting inbestMe’s fees. The intention of this graph is to illustrate the range of possible returns on your investment based on a theoretical profile. It does not contemplate the impact of taxes, the change of profiles or other future investment decisions. Nor does it contemplate the additional returns of additional periodic contributions. Markets are, in the short term and by definition, volatile. This volatility may be perceived in the graph by the height of the bars, the higher the bars, the higher the profile. Returns and risk are unfailingly associated: but the portfolios we assemble at inbestMe have very broad diversification and have been studied to optimize the risk/return ratio. In the long term, risk tends to decrease since the markets have a natural upward trend. It is essential that the potential investor fills in the questionnaire in order to obtain recommendation for their ideal profile.

About the historical graph

The historical data in the charts is hypothetical. They do not correspond to any past or current portfolio and are derived from a combination of indexes and ETFs. Various processes and data sources have been used to create an approximation of what InbestMe’s proposed portfolios would have yielded in the past. The results presented are a consequence of the methodology used and a different methodology may result in different results. Any investor interested in seeing the real aggregate profitability of the portfolios managed by Inbestme can consult it here. Past returns are not a guarantee of future returns.

Disclaimer on past returns

The returns presented in the simulations on our website are net of the implicit costs of ETFs, and of inbestMe’s fees. The projections and hypothetical returns are intended to show only an expected range of possible outcomes based on historical averages and standard deviations for all investments recommended by inbestMe. They do not take into account the impact of taxes, changes in decisions or of investment profiles. The projections are not the returns obtained by inbestMe clients.

Clients may experience different results from either the projections or the actual aggregate returns. Investors should be aware that there is a risk of having to bear losses as well as profit from gains. The returns of the projections shown do not represent real results, but rather represent the application of a retrospectively designed model with the advantage of an a posteriori point of view. Clients may experience different returns from these projections: these may be conditioned by the period represented or the moment of entry into the markets.

* Past results are not a guarantee of future results. Any expected returns or hypothetical projections may not reflect actual future results. Note that past results may reflect asset returns for a limited time, or due to a period of extreme or particular activity. ALL INVESTMENT INVOLVES RISK AND IS SUBJECT TO THE RISK OF LOSS. There can be no assurance that an investment or that any actual projections or returns shown on our website will result with certainty in actual or predictable returns. It cannot be assumed that investors will experience returns in the future such as those expressed on our website.

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