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Have you encountered any incidents related to the Regulatory Compliance Program? Make your complaint through this channel

This Complaints Channel is intended for issues related to regulatory compliance, for any other issue you must use the channel established for customer service.

inbestMe is governed by the Regulatory Compliance Program, made up of different books and documents. The Regulatory Compliance Program establishes the action criteria that must be observed by all those involved in the development of inbestMe’s professional activity. Its main objective is to promote ethics and responsibility in the exercise of activity in the entity.

The Complaints channel has been created in order to comply with the precepts of the Regulatory Compliance Program regarding information processing and prevention of infractions and Crimes. This tool makes it possible for anyone to report any incident, or report those facts or behaviors that, according to their criteria, violate the Regulatory Compliance Program, or they consider to be irregular, illicit or criminal.

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