Index Funds

Get indexed to the world with our index fund portfolios

Invest in a portfolio of Index Funds adapted to you, with access to institutional classes from iShares Class D and Vanguard and, in addition, save up to 85% in costs.

Invest in a portfolio of Index Funds with socially responsible funds (SRI/ESG). Your portfolio will have between 90% and 100% SRI funds depending on your investor profile and amount invested.

Index funds are investment funds that track the behavior of a stock index. This type of financial products have the great advantage of being passively managed assets

With the inbestMe index fund portfolios, you will discover highly diversified portfolios prepared by our committee of experts, which contain a careful selection based on the market, projection, and your investor profile.

Currently at InbestMe, you can find two types of index fund portfolios:

Standard Index Fund Portfolios

SRI Indexed Fund Portfolios

Discover inbestMe’s index fund portfolios: smart investing and expert diversification at your fingertips. Your path to profitable passive management starts here!

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