Fixed Income

Highly diversified and efficient 100% Fixed Income portfolios

The Bond Portfolio combines money market and index bond funds to avoid equity volatility, preserve capital and generate the highest return in line with current interest rates.

If you also have an interest in sustainability, this is your portfolio. Combine money market funds and SRI or green indexed bonds to avoid stock volatility and generate the highest return with sustainability.

Fixed income has interest again. Bonds once again have positive yields. But investing individually in bonds or even treasury bills is tedious and tax inefficient.

inbestMe’s indexed bond portfolios are mostly optimized with instruments indexed by our committee of experts, to obtain high diversification and obtain maximum performance. Additionally, the portfolio can incorporate moneey market funds, and exceptionally an active bond fund. In general, a bond portfolio will have less volatility than a stock portfolio and may be better at preserving our capital. Although they are not risk-free.

Currently in InbestMe, you can find 6 indexed bond portfolio options:

Euro Bond Portfolios with index funds with SRI/Green option

Euro Bond Portfolios with Indexed ETFs with SRI/Green option

Dollar Bond Portfolios with Indexed ETFs with SRI/Green option

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