Standard Pension Plans

Start preparing your future now and invest in Standard Pension Plans and enjoy the journey


Start your plan now from €250 and take advantage of the usual tax breaks, along with the efficiency of indexing and the low costs of automation. Establish your regular contribution and start writing your story.

Returns and more information

Know the returns of the 2 pension plans that, combined, make up the inbestMe Pension Plan portfolio.

Fixed Income Pension Plan

The inbestMe Fixed Income P.P. with DGS code nº N5350 fund has a risk level of 4 and the objective is to achieve long-term performance by investing in fixed income Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) with global exposure. Its returns at the close of 05/31/2024 was:

 1 Month1 YearYTDYearly20212020
Fixen Income Plan-0.2%


Equity Income Pension Plan

inbestMe Equitiy Income P.P. with DGS code no. N5349 has a risk level of 6/7 and is designed for investors with a more determined profile, who seek high long-term profitability through low-cost ETFs. Its profitability at the close of 05/31/2024 was:

 1 Month1 YearYTDYearly20212020
Plan E.I.1.5%19.2%8.7%7.9%22,6%6,6%

* Performance is net of all fees (net of the maximum management fee). Past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. Short-term markets can be very volatile (volatility is a measure of risk), in the long term, the trend of a highly diversified global portfolio is upward.

From just 0,60% management

inbestMe does not charge for the management of the Pension Plan portfolios, that means the costs in the Pension Plans are not invoiced to the client directly, these commissions are implicit in the pension plans. This table shows the average cost, as the final cost will depend on the investor profile (see more information), and its breakdown is:

Management fee* Deposit cost Average cost for other items Average cost of assets**
0,60% 0,10% 0,11%  0,15%

* Management fee shared between GVC Gaesco and inbestMe. ** Average implicit cost of the ETFs that make up the pension plan portfolio (amount resulting from averaging of all profiles; the real amount will vary depending on the plan profile).

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Sometimes money issues are complex, which is why we designed our Standard Pension Plan to be as easy to understand as possible. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

The minimum amount to start your pension plan with inbestMe is just €250. Right from the outset, you can schedule regular contributions—monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.—with a minimum amount of €50. And if at any time you need to cancel your contribution, you can do it without any trouble: they are not compulsory. Currently, the maximum amount allowed for individual pension plans is €1,500 per year.

Some institutions may offer you gifts and discounts for transferring your pension plan. But nothing comes free. If on the one hand they offer you a gift, on the other they will likely be charging you. That is why our pension plans do not feature those promotions. We prefer to offer the lowest possible costs, and then you can do with your money what you think is best.

Yes, you can.

Yes, of course. You will need to order the transfer of your current Pension Plan from inbestMe. To do this, you will need to start the procedure of opening an account, at the end of which you can decide to transfer your current Pension Plan.

With inbestMe, you will have a portfolio of pension plans instead of one, single pension plan. What are the advantages? ince it is a portfolio managed by inbestMe, you will not have to worry about keeping your plan adjusted to your needs as the years go by. inbestMe will keep the portfolio adjusted to your investment profile and, if your personal situation changes, we will lower—or raise—the profile ourselves so you don’t have to find another fund that fits your new situation. In short, a plan for life.

Anyone with a Spanish DNI or NIE.

Anyone with a Spanish DNI or NIE can open a pension plan with inbestMe, whether or not they are a Spanish resident. At the moment, our pension plans are not available for companies.