Invest in portfolios in the medium and long term and discover the power of indexing

Invest with long-term indexing, with high diversification, low costs and with access to institutional classes from iShares Class D and Vanguard. Globally diversified.

Index yourself in the long term with a portfolio of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), 100% managed and diversified and with really low costs. Globally diversified.

Discover the only portfolios with a 100% Fixed Income composition, highly diversified and efficient. It combines monetary funds and bond or green bond index funds (SRI) with an average maturity of 2 years.

The inbestMe Kids account is an investment portfolio of Indexed or money market Funds where the underage person will be the account holder and the adult person will be the authorized person until the holder turns 18 years old.

Meet your inbestMe Personal Financial Manager who will help you achieve your financial goals and better understand the markets.

Investment portfolios are investment financial products made up of a set of financial assets chosen in order to obtain the highest possible return on investment through diversification, also significantly reducing the risk associated with investing in an asset individually.

InbestMe’s investment portfolios are designed to adapt to your objectives according to your investment profile. Whether you’re looking for additional income, long-term growth, or a combination of both, our portfolios are the perfect fit for you. Our team of investment experts is responsible for carefully selecting assets and diversifying your portfolio to maximize returns and minimize risks.

The advantages that you will find when nvesting in portfolios and financial investment products from InbestMe are the following:

-They are designed and customized by our team of investment experts and, specifically, in the assets we offer

-You can invest automatically

-They are tax-optimized in a smart way

-You can choose between SRI or Standard investment

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in InbestMe portfolios and make the most of your financial potential. Our data and analytics driven approach ensures you are making informed and strategic investment decisions. Start investing in InbestMe portfolios today and ensure a prosperous future!

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