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Discover the app to invest on autopilot and grow your savings without worrying about a thing. We make it possible with Index funds, ETFs y Pension Plans portfolios diversified globally and sustainables.

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We manage your portfolio

Combine multiple goals/accounts to achieve your financial goals

With better profitability

Thanks to the assets used and the efficiency of indexing, we offer higher returns* than those of traditional funds

*See returns graph.

On autopilot

Feel the peace of mind knowing that we do everything for you and that your account is protected with the maximum coverage on the market

And very low costs

Enjoy costs up to 85% lower than traditional ones and thus improve your profitability.

Improve your returns
in 3 simple steps

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Get your personalized plan

A highly diversified investment plan adapted to your investor profile.

Start investing from €1,000

Open your account 100% online. Easy and fast.


Discover the most customizable automated wealth manager on the market

At inbestMe we work to create a better way of investing: simple, transparent, independent and with low costs. We do this by creating a personalized and independent investment plan and managing it for you. We use technology to automate processes. This allows us to offer really low costs and, consequently, better returns.


The most innovative Robo Advisor

Invest on autopilot

Do not worry about anything. Just invest and experience our continuous rebalancing.

Open Banking / PSD2

Connect your bank and make transfers easily.

Maximum customization

Customize your portfolio in detail (for investors with more than €100,000)

Easy funds transfer

Easily transfer your mutual or index funds by connecting them with your current wealth manager.

Plan your finances

Invest by objectives with multiple accounts and different risk profiles in each one.

App for Android and iOS

Download the app for Android or iOS and follow your investment instantly, wherever you are.

Are you a conservative, determined or balanced investor? Find out!

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