Invest in SRI ETF, with a Socially Responsible Investment bias


As always, inbestMe is responsible for keeping the plan tailored to your profile, processing your new contributions and applying tax optimization.


The SRI ETF portfolios are made up of between 6 and 14 ETFs depending on the investor’s profile. However, for each ETF position we use up to 3 equivalent ETFs which, when sold and bought, allow us to do Tax Loss Harvesting(TLH) the portfolio. Please, keep in mind that the final funds of your portfolio may vary as our Investment Committee is constantly improving the portfolios. To learn more about the distribution of your personalized portfolio, we recommend that you take our brief questionnaire.

ETFs ISIN Article Level of sustainability
UBS Sustainable Development Bank Bonds UCITS ETF (hedged to EUR) A-acc LU1852211991 8
iShares Euro Corporate Bond ESG 0-3yr UCITS ETF IE00BYZTVV78 8
iShares € Corp Bond ESG UCITS ETF EUR (Dist) IE00BYZTVT56 8
Lyxor Green Bond (DR) UCITS ETF Hedged to EUR – Acc LU1563454823 9
iShares Core Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF EUR Hedged (Acc) IE00BDBRDM35 6
UBS ETF (LU) J.P. Morgan USD EM IG ESG Diversified Bond UCITS ETF (hedged to EUR) A-acc LU1974696418 8
iShares EUR High Yield Corporate Bond ESG UCITS ETF EUR (Acc) IE00BJK55C48 8
SPDR Barclays 1-3 Year Euro Government Bond UCITS ETF IE00B6YX5F63 6
Amundi Index MSCI Europe SRI UCITS ETF DR (C) LU1861137484 8
Amundi Index MSCI USA SRI UCITS ETF DR – Hedged EUR (C) LU2153616599 8
Xtrackers MSCI Japan ESG UCITS ETF 1C IE00BG36TC12 8
iShares MSCI Global Impact ETF US46435G5320

The Dollar portfolio will use similar funds but in $ currency.


Our SRI ETF portfolios are deposited in an Interactive Brokers (IB), one of the best brokers in the world, in an account in your name and managed by inbestMe. Your account will be opened in IB Ireland or IB USA dependening on your country of residence.


VAT included.

Invested amount Management Depositary and trading cost Average built-in cost of the asset
€ 5,000 to € 99,999.99 € 0,41% 0,11% 0,23%
€ 100,000 to € 499,999.99 0,38% 0,11% 0,23%
€ 500,000 to € 999,999.99 € 0,30% 0,11% 0,23%
€ 1M to € 4,999,999.99 € 0,25% 0,11% 0,23%
More than € 5M 0,13% 0,11% 0,23%


If you want to find out the historycal returns of our inbestMe ETFs portfolios, please visit our dedicated returns page.

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Sometimes money issues are complex, which is why we design our ISR ETFs to be as easy to understand as possible. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

An ETF ( Exchange-Traded Fund ) is an investment fund that aims to replicate the performance of a specific index or market. The most popular ETFs are based on indexes, but there are also many based on other asset classes, such as currencies and commodities. An ETF is treated in the regulated markets as a stock, but has the same benefits as a fund in terms of diversification and professional management, even for limited investments.

Socially responsible investment is related to the following aspects: the social context, the environment and good corporate governance. Socially responsible investment has to do with our values or moral convictions without having to give up on efficiency.

The advantage of investing in an SRI portfolio when compared to an SRI investment fund is that through a portfolio, this style can be adapted to the needs, the investor’s financial profile, and it is also fully managed.

Further information about inbestMe SRI ETF

No, it is not possible to transfer ETFs.

Your ETF portfolio is held outside of Spain at Interactive Brokers (IB). This means that, in addition to the access to inbestMe, you will have a parallel access to IB and, when your first transfer is complete, you will receive a different username (by email) and password (by SMS) than inbestMe.

Although it is not essential that you enter to start investing, it it will be necessary to access IB to: 1) Change the initial temporary password, 2) Record your security questions and 3) Notify your destination bank account in case you request a withdrawal total or partial.

In addition, if you are a resident in Spain, as IB is outside Spain, it will be necessary to present the Form D6 to “Hacienda” and, depending on the invested amount, Form 720.

In the event that any of the points above represents an inconvenience for you, we recommend to Open an Index Funds account.