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To maintain the principle of transparency to which we at inbestMe are bound, in this section you have at your disposal all the information legally required for your consultation, so you know you can place your trust in us.

This bulletin board is divided into several sections where you will find all kinds of documents.

In the first section, you will find the internal policies inbestMe has implemented in compliance with the European Markets In Financial Instruments Directive or MIFID.

In the following section, a copy of the pre-contractual information is available to you so that you can get to know us and learn who we are.

Later on, you will get a copy of the portfolio management contract that you are to sign when you become an inbestMe client, so you can read it before committing to us, along with a summary of the maximum fees that we charge to manage your savings, which are very low as our commitment is to manage your assets at the lowest possible cost to the investor.

Next, we will place at your disposal the regulations on client protection, in case there are ever any discrepancies, although we are sure you will not need to use them!

And finally, you will find the annual reports that we present to the Spanish CNMV Securities Market Commission and a section dedicated exclusively to in-depth information on the ETFs.


The MIFID Directive (Directive 2004/39 / EC) came into force on November 1, 2007 and is mandatory for all persons and entities operating in the financial markets. Its main objectives are:

  1. Increase the protection for clients of financial services
  2. Increased transparency and market competition

inbestMe has developed the following mandatory policies to comply with this regulation:

Policy for the prevention of conflict of interest. In accordance with current legislation, specifically article 44 et seq. of Royal Decree 217/2008, inbestMe has developed its own internal policy to avoid conflicts of interest with its clients, and how to properly resolve any that may arise.

Best Execution Policy. As per article 79 of Royal Decree 217/2008, we have developed an order execution policy that guarantees obtention of the best possible result in the operations ordered by inbestMe in accordance with the provisions of the MIFID regulations, with the understanding that inbestMe does not directly execute the orders, but has delegated this function to an external broker.

Incentives. inbestMe aims at total transparency with the client, and for this reason it does not accept incentives or retrocessions from third parties.

If you require further information, please see the MIFID guide published by the CNMV

Pre-contractual information

In accordance with the provisions of Directive 2004/39/EC (MIFID), we make pre-contractual informationavailable where you will find general information about inbestMe and its services, as well as information regarding the portfolio management service we provide, information on the types of asset that may make up your portfolio, the MIFID policies we apply and a description of the main financial instruments and the risks associated with them.

Portfolio management contract

You will find a copy of the type contract or customer agreement that determines the contractual relationship with inbestMe. You should read this carefully before opening your account. We are at your disposal for any questions or concerns you may have. We wish to provide full transparency on the extent of our services and the associated costs. Once the contract has been signed, it will always remain available to you in your private client area.

Maximum fees prospectus

These are the maximum fees approved by the CNMV.

Further details of the current rates applicable to the services currently offered by inbestMe, see costs.

Client protection regulations

Here are the rights that protect you and how we will proceed in the event that a client submits a claim to us. inbestEm disposa d’un Servei d’Atenció al client les dades del qual són: Joan Albalate García, email atencioncliente@inbestme.com
(assumpte “Defensor del client”).

Further information is available in the CNMV guide dto Investor Protection and also within our Client Defense Regulation.

Program of activities

Check here our program of activities validated by the CNMV.

CNMV reports

In compliance with the CNMV National Securities Market Commission legal requirements, the Solvency Report and the Investment Services Companies or ESIS Report drafted by inbestMe are made available for download every year.

Sustainability information

Learn about the ETFs

Besides helping you with the management of your wealth, at inbestMe we also want to show total transparency and let you know about the products where we will invest your savings.

The portfolios will mainly be made up of Exchange-Traded Funds or ETFs, listed investment funds whose main characteristic is that they are traded in secondary markets. This feature, along with other advantages related to the composition, structure, trading, and concept of ETFs can be found in the different links we offer you in this section.

We want you to know where your assets are invested at all times while you watch your savings grow.

  1. CNMV guide to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF).
  2. CNMV file on Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF).
  3. CNMV paper on Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF).

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