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Find out all about inbestMe and what's behind the most customizable automated wealth manager

At inbestMe we work to create a better way of investing: simple, transparent, independent and with low costs. To do this, we create a personalized and independent investment plan and manage it for you.

The mission of inbestMe is to contribute to improving financial education and the sustainability of human activity as one of the ways to help create a better society and promote people’s quality of life.

It all started in 2013 with a daughter and her father, while he was living abroad. The daughter had savings, but no investment knowledge. The father was knowledgeable, experienced and willing to help…

The inbestMe investment committee works to select the best indices and investment funds in order to obtain the best returns. Find out the historical and expected returns of our portfolios.

Discover how to obtain a return +4% higher than the average for mutual funds in Spain*

Download the reports in PDF of the profitability of all the portfolios and profiles of inbestMe.

Independent custodian

inbestMe opens an individualized and personalized account for the client at Interactive Brokers and at GVC Gaesco.


We are totally independent when it comes to choosing the best assets to manage our portfolios.

Supervision and control

inbestMe is a securities agency regulated by the CNMV.

To customize each investment plan to the objectives of each client, you will carry out a brief online test.

After knowing your risk profile you will be able to discover your personalized investment proposals.

Once you have chosen your type of plan, we open an account in your name and sign a delegated portfolio management contract with inbestMe.

Advanced investment tool based on machine learning and big data

This project will research and develop a software platform for advanced asset portfolio optimization and risk control in the face of unexpected events.

We work with the academy

Hand in hand with universities and doctorates, along with other companies.

Project with the trust of the EU

Project subsidized by the European Union (European Funds - Smart Growth) and the CDTI (Ministry of Education and Science of Spain).

The taxation of each natural or legal person is complex and requires a tax advisor. However, from inbestMe we will provide you with all the documents you need.

It is important to emphasize that the client may be required to present other models, we can only inform you and provide you with tax information related to our services.

As the money is deposited outside of Spain, you may have to present other documentation to the Tax Agency. We explain and detail which ones.

What is a Robo Advisor?

We explain why inbestMe is a Robo Advisor and what it implies.

Origin of Robo Advisors

We explain its origins, the best known Robo Advisors and much more.

How does a Robo Advisor work?

So that you do not have doubts, we explain how a Robo Advisor like inbestMe works.

From the Management team, our excellent Customer Service and Operations team, through IT and Development, Finance and Accounting and Marketing.

Our mission: that you learn to invest better, with less costs and more profitability. Do you want to join us?

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