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The inbestMe investment committee works to select the best index and investment funds in order to obtain the best returns. Below you can see the historical and expected returns of our portfolios:

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Get a +4% of returns thant the average returns of the mutual funds in Spain*

Average accumulated returns 2015-2024*

Index FundsSRI Index FundsETFsSRI ETFsETFs DynamicETFs ValuePension PlansSRI Pension Plans

Average yearly returns 2015-2024*

Index FundsSRI Index FundsETFsSRI ETFsETFs DynamicETFs ValuePension PlansSRI Pension Plans

Average cumulative returns per year

  Index Funds SRI Index Funds ETFs SRI ETFs ETFs Dynamic ETFs Value Pension Plans SRI Pension Plans
2024* 3,4% 2% 1,3% 0,1% 1,2% 0,7% 2,1% 1,8%
2023* 10,8% 12,4% 9,7% 11,4% 8,2% 9,8% 9,6% 9,2%
2022 -12,7% -15,2% -12,2% -14,4% -11,2% -12,3% -10,4% -12,5%
2021 9,4% 11,9% 8,8% 10,7% 7,9% 10,6% 11,7% 9,5%
2020 4% 5% 3,4% 4,7% -1,7% 0,7% 4,3% 7,1%
2019 15% 16% 15% 16,4% 14,7% 15,6% 15,8% 16,5%
2018 -3,9% -4% -5,8% -5,6% -6,2% -7,4% -5,2% -3,8%
2017 4,9% 5,3% 7,4% 8,6% 6% 7% 7,4% 5,3%
2016 5,1% 4,7% 6,1% 6,7% 6% 7,1% 5,8% 5,7%
2015 4,1% 4,2% 3,4% 5% 3,3% 2,9% 3,2% 6%

* The profitability of 2024 is updated as of 02/29/2024. Reported returns include a back test from 1/1/15 to the launch date of each plan and are clean of all commissions (discounting the maximum management cost). Past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. Short-term markets can be very volatile (volatility is a measure of risk), in the long term, the trend of a highly diversified global portfolio is upward.

Profitability reports

Download the PDF return reports of all our portfolios and see: Yearly Return, Accumulated Return, Return for 1 year, YTD and MTD.

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Sometimes money issues are complex, which is why we work to be as transparent as possible with our returns. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What returns can I obtain with inbestMe?

It will depend on your investor profile. If you are a very determined investor or want to invest in the very long term, you will have a higher expected return, since you will be able to assume more risk (for example, a profile 10 from 2015 to 2021 obtained an APR of 9.7%). If, on the contrary, you want to assume very little risk, you will have to accept a different return (for example, a profile 1 from 2015 to 2021 obtained an APR of 1.9%. It is best you take the test to see what type of profile you are and what the potential return associated with that profile is.

Is my investment in inbestMe guaranteed?

No, past returns do not guarantee future returns.

Your investment is exposed to market movements, so returns are therefore not guaranteed. However, your capital at inbestMe enjoys extensive coverage, between €100,000 and $500,000, which would take effect when any agent involved could no longer carry on with their activity.

Why does inbestMe offer above average returns?

Basically for 2 reasons: low costs and index management. Thanks to our technology we can automate most of the management: this makes us quicker and saves on costs. In addition, when investing with Index Funds and ETFs—passive asset management—we offer better returns than those offered by most active fund managers.

* See returns graph