Financial culture

The buy and hold strategy for fixed income assets

Sometimes, sitting and waiting is often the best option. In investing this is known as buy and hold, which literally means just that: buy and hold. Such a strategy is a good way to keep your sanity in the chaotic world that markets can be. Stocks can go up and down for no apparent reason,…

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Guide to buying treasury bills

Buying Treasury Bills has become a favorite investment for savers. However, this was not always the case. For many years, yields were severely limited by the negative interest rate policy of the European Central Bank (ECB). However, since the ECB initiated a new policy of rate hikes, the most vertiginous in history, this financial asset…

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What is a Buy and Hold fund?

In the investment world, there are multiple strategies for managing capital and obtaining returns. One of these strategies is Buy and Hold funds, which have specific characteristics that appeal to certain investor profiles. But what exactly is a Buy and Hold fund, and how do they relate to target-date and/or target-return funds?

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