An alternative responsible investment

Social responsibility is on the top of our list

During a recent conversation with a friend, we discussed at what type of customers we aim our service. The truth is anyone can access our service even if there are certain features that can be potentially more common within our customers:

– People predisposed to digital platforms

– Look for alternative financial services because the customer is concerned about getting fair returns and paying reasonable prices.

– Look for alternative financial services because the customer is concerned about getting fair returns and paying reasonable prices.

– Open minded and wiling to live and share new experiences.

On the other hand, there are also other features that are less differentiating:

For example, our service attracts young people with minimum savings as much as middle-aged or even elderly people, who have a considerable equity and are not pleased with the traditional system. We also understand there are customers with no time and customers that want to deepen their financial knowledge and devote time to have a better control of their finances or even start to manage their first portfolio.

Inbestme’s potential customers were identified and seem to have many of these characteristics. Still, the investment world produces animosity due to searching without limits, companies’ prejudices and the established system that only works to achieve profits by any means; all together leading to a lack of social responsibility.

Where to invest, Inbestme’s Scope

Our diversified portfolios are not only and alternative thanks to their independence, transparency, efficiency, dynamism and low cost, but also they constitute a necessary alternative in order to find solutions that completely meet our customer’s specific needs through our fully customized portfolios. Customers usually ask for maximized returns or limited risks. For those who alternatively seek a socially responsible investment, there are at least 30 ETFs that focus on this aspect. They can be divided into:

– Investors that only invest in companies with the highest social and environmental standards.

-Investors that leave out of their investments alcohol-related companies, weapons, gambling among other companies…

-Investors that focus their investments in companies that are concerned about the world’s water problem.

– Investors who only invest in companies leading in reducing carbon emissions.

– Investors who invest in companies where women’s equality is a priority.

The fact is that this kind of investments can also be profitable. For instance, in the first chapter we discovered MSCI World Socially Resp. UCITS ETF accumulating a 65% return in the last 3 years.

However, there’s a chance these ETFs composition isn’t “pure” enough yet. In this case, the solution would be to make a detailed list of the participating companies and invest directly into them.

It is likely that our potential customer can still think that the former options are not enough as the process has been done through an imperfect financial system. Investors that want to become more committed to society have the chance to take a totally alternative path that consists of donating their returns (or part of them) to the NGOs of their choice.

So we have come made a full circle and we are back to where we started: it is just an idea among many other possibilities.

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