The risks of following the great investors

It may require a big deal of patience

. In his weekly article in the WSJ, Jason Zweig gives us an interesting article: “The problems With a Copycat Stock Picker”.

In brief us the great writer goes on to say:

– This year had been a bad year for someone who had followed large investors or hedge funds, most are in losses of 5%, and some have lost 10% over the last 3 months.

-Follow One can only be very risky. They make big bets and have great patience and great fortunes to support them.

-Follow Several can be an alternative and there are ETFs that do precisely this: AlphaClone Alternative Alpha and Global X Guru Index.

His conclusion is:

– Select action to beat the market is a difficult task.

– Select investors who can choose to beat the stock market is at least as difficult.

– And select funds or ETFs that investors can select which in turn select actions clap the market may be the most difficult task of all.

Scope Inbestme

As you probably do not have the fortunes of the great, if they decide to follow at least take heart patience to keep their long-term strategies.

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