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Portfolio expected returns

In the current macroeconomic situation, a lot of uncertainty persists. The circumstances are certainly peculiar, and it is difficult to find similarities with the past. This produces a lot of  noise and uncertainty regarding the future direction of financial markets. Analysts are wildly divided on the fact that equity indices should go up or down,…

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Focus on long term passive investing

Our strategic portfolios are thought for long term investors. They are built on the basis of long term relationships between asset classes, and they are not supposed to be tactically rebalanced on the basis of short-term market gyrations. 

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Cuentas de Ahorro inbestMe
Introducing the new inbestMe Savings Portfolio

Today, we are pleased to announce the new inbestMe Savings Portfolio. The inbestMe Savings Portfolio is a perfect complement to what is already the widest range of automated investment portfolios in Spain (and a good part of the world), with more than 100 portfolio options.

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|||comentario de mercado septiembre 2022|Rendibilitat acumulada carteres
Portfolio Comment September 2022

2022 is proving to be the worst year of the last decades for diversified portfolios. In the past, we experienced equity indices losses that were much more severe than the current ones, but we never experienced this kind of correlated moves in which bonds fall together with stocks.

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currency war|guerra de divisas
The new currency war

The meaning of the concept of currency war has been reversed during the last few months.  Until a few months ago the world was basically a deflationary one. Even if now the big issue seems to be inflation, deflation is probably even a bigger problem. Deflation means that prices tend to fall overtime. In such…

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war in ukraine
Russia – Ukraine conflict: first news

During the night of 23-24 February 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine, triggering the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The worst-case scenario has come true. The attack comes after separatist leaders of Ukraine’s eastern republics asked Putin for military assistance. Ukraine, for its part, had said it had no intention of invading the separatist regions.

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