Funds People – 8/3/2017

A new roboadvisor sees the light of day in Spain: Inbestme, exclusive ETF manager
Appearance in media
Funds People
inbestMe launch to the market

“This is inbestMe, a securities agency based in Barcelona and led by Jordi Mercader.”

The founding team of inbestMe. From left to right: Joan Albalate, Josep Milà, Lorenzo Ippoliti, Jordi Mercader, Juanjo Massó, Ferad Zyulkyarov


The firm has not reached any distribution agreement with any ETF manager, so, when designing the portfolios, “ETFs that meet our criteria will be selected,” says Mercader, its CEO. These portfolios -available in euros and dollars- are designed “like a tailor-made suit” based on 11 risk profiles, and are highly diversified as they are made up of between ten and 12 ETFs, with a global vision and no geographical limits. To operate, Inbestme will use the support of Interactive Brokers, a platform of American origin that is also based in the United Kingdom, among other places.

Results obtained

Thanks to this news, inbestMe became known to the public specialized in investment. Thank you Funds People!