La Vanguardia – 14/6/2019

The robot that already manages millionaire investments
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La Vanguardia
The robot that already manages millionaire investments

InbestMe offers an automated and personalized advisory service for investment management.

Photograph of Jordi Mercader, CEO of inbestMe, who heads the news in La Vanguardia on June 14, 2019


Jordi Mercader began using robo-advisor technology for the automated management of his own investment portfolio, then those of friends and acquaintances… until he launched into the foundation of InbestMe, a stock agency that is characterized by the use of this technology. Robo-advisors offer an automated and personalized advice service because it is based on a previous questionnaire that is answered by the investor.

Results obtained

With this news, inbestMe continued to make itself known to the public of La Vanguardia. Thank you very much for the publication!