Intereconomía – 18/2/2020

How can a saver beat inflation?
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How can a saver beat inflation?

In this sense, from inbestMe they advise savers to be aware that as time goes by they lose money, outline the level of risk and build a portfolio that allows them to sleep peacefully and at the same time fight inflation.

News item in Intereconomía on February 18, 2020 with Pablo Tellería, investor relations at inbestMe.


“The level of low interest rates forces savers to leave their comfort zone,” explains Pablo Tellería, head of investor relations at inbestMe at Capital Intereconomía. “Before, there were products that could match or beat inflation. Now with this level of guys that’s impossible.”

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With this news, inbestMe became known to the public of Intereconomía. Thank you very much for the interview!