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Sometimes, money related matters can be confusing, that is why we leave some frequently asked questions related to the financial guidance service.

What to expect from the financial guidance session?

The financial guidance session is designed to help you through the inbestMe onboarding process. During this session we will explain you how the onboarding process works, how our service works, what a roboadvisor is and other questions related to us that you may have.

The suitability test, also known as MIFID test, is a test which assesses the customer’s knowledge, experience and financial situation. It is used to determine wich financial instruments and risk exposure better suit the customers’ investments. This test takes into account total assests, income and liabilities the customer has, it is of utmost importance to respond the questions accurately. European regulation requires Financial Institutions to assess investment services customers’ suitability

What is inbestMe Plus?
inbestMe Plus is an exclusive service to which you can acceed when you reach the threshold of 100.000 €/$ of assessts under management with us.

The amount can be distributes between one or several portfolios and/or pension funds

There are two degrees of customisation, the first one is common to all of our customers, which is the portfolio tailoring according to their goals, personal situation, knowledge, etc.

The second degree is for those customers with more than 100.000€/$ in a single portfolio, who may request additional customisation for their portfolios if they wish so.