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The strength of good strategy

With inbestMe Strategic you will be investing in a careful selection of listed index funds that replicate the performance of the world's best indexes. These funds have been 100% strategically selected to achieve their peak performance in the medium/long term. inbestMe will monitor your plan and if necessary the team of experts will make specific changes to the composition so as to constantly keep to the best strategy.

  • From €5,000
  • The lowest costs
  • Tax optimization

Our technology will keep your plan balanced, managing your new contributions intelligently, and will apply tax optimization procedures.


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What are ETFs?

An Exchange-Traded Fund or ETF is an investment fund that aims to replicate the performance of a specific index or market. The most popular ETFs are based on indexes, but there are also many based on other asset classes, such as currencies and commodities. An ETF is treated in the regulated markets as a stock, but has the same benefits as a fund in terms of diversification and professional management, even for limited investments.

What are the advantages of ETFs?

ETFs have several advantages, including commissions up to 30% lower than Index Funds and much lower than traditional investment funds, they can exceed the efficiency of investment funds by replicating the index 100%, they are fully liquid as they are listed like any other stock and can be bought and sold during the trading day, and are fully transparent, since by following an index you know in advance how they are made up. 

Who is ETFs best for?

This portfolio is the investment of choice—though not exclusive—for investors who can make regular contributions, as this will reduce risk by investing in the markets at different times.

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