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ETFs Dynamic
The best of 2 worlds

inbestMe Dynamic is a versatile investment plan made up of ETFs from all over the world. The game plan combines long-term strategies with short-term tactics, with a clear objective: reducing volatility and taking advantage of bull market trends.

  • From €10,000
  • Adaptive passive management
  • Tax optimization

Based on intelligent investment models, our team of experts will make periodic adjustments to one part of the portfolio. The other part of the portfolio will maintain the same strategic game plan as inbestMe Strategic.

Our technology will keep the plan balanced, managing your new contributions intelligently, and will apply tax optimization procedures.

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Why choose inbestMe ETFs Dynamic

For the combination of strategic and tactical allocation of assets. Through technical means, we seek to reduce the risk of dips during market recessions, and losses for the investor. To achieve this, Dynamic is made up of two parts: one called the core and the other the satellite. The core is managed with long-term objectives and the satellite follows a quantitative model approach. This satellite part is divided into 4 geographic areas and at the end of each month the two areas that show the greatest relative strength are selected.