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Get a personalized portfolio with high ETF presence and Value bias. Our technology and experts will be in charge of monitoring, rebalancing and managing your additional contributions.

  • From €15,000
  • Value index management
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Investing in Value can take up a lot of your time. With inbestMe ETFs Value you can invest your time in whatever you want and feel assured that inbestMe is doing it all for you.

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What is value investing

Value investing is an investment strategy that seeks to buy stocks that are undervalued, or in other words, that are selling below their book or intrinsic value. We could compare this strategy to going to the sales, where you try and buy bargains or good products below their "normal" price.

Why invest in a Value portfolio

Value investing is easy to understand, it adapts to the way certain investors think, it often coincides with companies classed as "value" having good dividend yields, and also tends to be less volatile. 

The advantage of investing in a Value portfolio

The main advantage of a value portfolio compared to a value investment fund is that it is easier to adapt a plan to the investor's needs and profile with a personalized portfolio.