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Caring for our future

Invest according to your values without giving up best performance ... with all the advantages of inbestMe: your plan will be adapted to you, ultra diversified and low cost. The inbestMe ETFs SRI plan is made from Socially Responsible ETFs. Further information

  • From €5,000
  • Index management
  • 100% Socially Responsible Investment

As always, inbestMe is responsible for keeping the plan tailored to your profile, processing your new contributions and applying tax optimization.


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Why choose an SRI portfolio

Socially responsible investment is related to the following aspects: the social context, the environment and good corporate governance. Socially responsible investment has to do with our values or moral convictions without having to give up on efficiency. 

Advantages SRI provides

The advantage of investing in an SRI portfolio when compared to an SRI investment fund is that through a portfolio, this style can be adapted to the needs, the investor's financial profile, and it is also fully managed.

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