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Privacy and security

We use the most secure encryption available. We store all information on secure servers. We carry out systematic processes to ensure proper safeguarding of information.

Your privacy is assured: we will never share your information with any outside service or third parties. For further information see our Privacy Policy.

For certain critical activities (transfers, signing of contracts, relevant data changes) we generate unique validation codes to double the security of the processes.

Your account is protected
with the maximum guarantees on the market.

Your account is protected by double coverage: that of the SIPC up to $500,000 and FOGAIN up to €100,000. These coverages are 5 times higher than those of traditional services.



This guarantee (additional to Fogain) is derived from the securities account opened in your name at Interactive Brokers (ETFs accounts only). Your account is protected up to $500,000 in the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) which includes up to $250,000 cash. This coverage protects the client against eventual bankruptcy of the different agents who participate in the custody and management of your account. Even in the event of a bankruptcy, the SIPC would guarantee the recovery of your assets up to these amounts.



All our accounts are protected up to €100,000 by Fogain. Fogain is Spain's Fondo de Garantía de Inversiones or Investment Guarantee Fund. Its purpose is to offer clients compensation coverage in the event that any of the entities that participate in the custody and management of your account enter into bankruptcy or are declared insolvent by the CNMV. Even in such cases, Fogain would guarantee the recovery of your assets up to that amount.


Independent custodian

inbestMe opens an individualized and personalized account for the client at Interactive Brokers (for ETF portfolios) and at GVC Gaesco (for Index Fund portfolios). Both act as operating and custody platforms of the client's positions. The clients maintain control of their accounts at all times. For the duration of the management remit, inbestMe is authorized to manage the client's assets as per the profile selected. The client may at any time choose to manage their account, transfer to another manager or simply cancel their account with total flexibility and without incurring any penalties. The clients always keep control of their portfolios.


Diversification and security

We are totally independent in choosing the best assets to manage our clients' portfolios. This selection is made only with criteria of efficiency. The assembly of the portfolio is carried out with the aim of obtaining the greatest diversification that will guarantee optimization of the distribution of assets to maximize the return/risk ratio. We diversify not only by asset classes and regions, but also by providers of the different assets (Index Funds and ETFs). The positions are always in the name of the client, never on the balance sheet of any bank.


Supervision and control

inbestMe is a securities agency regulated by the CNMV. The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores-CNMV, Spain's Securities Market Commission, is the body in charge of supervising and inspecting the Spanish securities markets and the activities of all those involved. The objective of the CNMV is to ensure the transparency of the Spanish securities markets and proper pricing, as well as the protection of investors. inbestMe is registered with the CNMV under number 272 and reports regularly as established by this official body.

Important notice:
The coverage expressed here only act in the event of bankruptcy of the custodians, agencies and those involved in the management and transactions of the client's account. 100% secure investments do not exist. All investment involves risk and is subject to possible losses. These coverages do not guarantee the value of the investment. Markets are, in the short term and by definition, volatile. Returns and risk are unfailingly associated: but the portfolios we build at inbestMe are very broadly diversified and have been studied to optimize the profitability/risk ratio. In the long term, risk tends to decrease since the markets have a natural upward trend. It is essential that the potential investor fills in the questionnaire in order to obtain recommendation for their ideal profile.