Invest throughout the world intelligently

Doing it on your own can be complex... our technology and experts do it for you

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We do it all for you, just lie back and enjoy

Invest in an ultra-diversified portfolio in the best indexes in the world, made up of listed index funds. We decide on the composition, keep the plan balanced and apply changes when necessary.

That is how inbestMe works, that is how
the new way of investing works:


We prepare your plan according to your situation and objectives

After establishing your investor profile, we assign you with a personalized portfolio which includes assets from all over the world.


We invest following to Nobel Prize models

Following Nobel Prize winning investment models, we invest your capital in a fund portfolio. See advanced methodology.


We optimize your portfolio constantly

We reinvest the dividends and readjust the portfolio so that your plan stays as it was at the beginning.


We make changes when necessary

Using intelligent investment models, our Investment Committee will make changes to the composition when necessary.


We manage your additional contributions

We manage and invest your new contributions, either ad-hoc or scheduled on a recurring basis.


We apply Intelligent Tax Optimization

Using algorithms, we apply intelligent operations and calculate new optimal contributions so you have to pay less tax.


If your objectives change, we adapt your plan

If your situation or your risk profile changes, inbestMe manages the change in the composition of the portfolio or adds a new objective.