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What we do?

inbestMe designs and manages investment plans (technically portfolios) adapted to your risk profile, objectives and values. Our plans are made up of Index Funds and ETFs *, assets that allow us to invest with very low costs and superior profitability and diversification. The investment process consists of 3 main steps:


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1. We know your risk profile

In order to personalize each plan to the client's goals, we carry out a brief test. This test allows us to calculate your risk profile from 0 to 10, with 0 being the most conservative and 10 the most aggressive.

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2. Select your plan

After knowing your risk profile, you will see your personalized investment plan. We have more than 100 portfolios, so you can choose the type of plan that best suits your needs.


3. inbestMe manages everything

Once you have chosen your type of plan, and after signing the contract, we will open an account at your name and inbestMe will become its manager. This means that inbestMe will do everything for you (buy funds, distribute capital, monitor, rebalance, manage periodic contributions, tax optimization, etc ...).