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Costs inbestMe Pension Plans

inbestMe will not invoice clients for any commission for managing their Pension Plan portfolio. Commissions are implicit in the Pension Plans, that is, they will be deducted directly from the plans as detailed below:

  • 0,60% management fee*
  • 0,10% deposit cost
  • 0,11% average cost for other items (brokerage, audit, administration, etc.)
  • 0,05% average cost of assets** 

* Fee charged entirely by GVC Gaesco. In the case of the inbestMe Variable Income Pension Plan, inbestMe's remuneration will be limited only to invoicing GVC Gaesco for the delegated management service of said Pension Plan. The cost of this service is included in the management fee of 0.60% as quoted.

** Average implicit cost (amount resulting from averaging of all profiles; the actual amount will vary depending on the plan profile).

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