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Improving the investment using AI

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Title of the project
AI Investments – an advanced investment tool based on machine learning and big data
Description of the project

This project will research and develop a software platform for advanced assets portfolio optimization and risk control against unexpected events. New application will allow SMEs, retail investors, investment companies and large companies to better manage their portfolios and protect their assets and also public agencies to monitor risk of financial crisis. Thus, we aim to use most advanced achievements in Machine Learning (ML) field (e.g. Alpha Zero Differentiable Neural Computer etc.) to assure highest accuracy.

The main goal of the project is to deliver capabilities of most accurate assets portfolio optimization and risk control with improved long-term performance by applying the latest achievements of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The main result of the project is AI Investments (AII) software platform equipped with visualization tool to help investors take more informed decisions. It will be implemented by public agencies in order to monitor overall financial risks.

The most advanced achievements in Machine Learning (ML) field (e.g. Alpha Zero Differentiable Neural Computer etc.) will be used to assure highest accuracy platform and to improve asset optimization and risk control. Last, but not least, a very important result of this project is to train people in the new, state of the art skills in machine learning field, as well as disseminate and stimulate research in that area in Europe.

AII platform will be offered to the SMEs, investment companies, pension funds, retail investors, large enterprises and even government agencies as a complete solution supporting their assets portfolio optimization and protection against unexpected financial events (crisis). Moreover, the AII platform will lower the entry barriers for financial technology (FinTech) startups and SMEs and provide investment and portfolio management services. This will respectively increase the competition, boost the innovation in the financial area and benefit the general public.

The consortium of this project involves 4 partners, 2 R&D performing SMEs (AII and InbestMe) and 2 universities (Ulm and Oslo). Both SMEs are active on a huge market, i.e. AI in Fintech. The consortium has a unique combination of academic and industry partners, which allows for efficient application of the latest achievements in ML It will be led and supervised by academic partners to the industry solution. Academic partners will be responsible for scientific methodology and evaluation of algorithms and methods.


Project details

Period: 24 months

Start date: 01/06/2019

End date: 31/05/2021

Agreement No: E! 12894 AII



AI Investments, Poland
University of ULM, Germany
University of Oslo, Norway
InbestMe, Spain



Total budget of the project: 1,227,342.19 EUR
Total budget of InbestMe: 320,103 EUR
Co-financed by InbestMe: 128,041.2 EUR
Inbestme Grant amount (subvencion): 192,061.80 EUR


Press mentions

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