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A fully-managed Index Funds portfolio

With inbestMe Index Funds you can invest in an index fund portfolio, with access to iShares Class D and Vanguard institutional classes and, in addition, save up to 75% in costs.

In Spain, natural persons can transfer from fund to fund with no tax penalties, that is, tax may be deferred until the time of reimbursement.

  • From €1,000
  • High diversification
  • Transfers of funds

Your portfolio will consist of up to 16 funds of up to 4 different managers—Vanguard, iShares, Amundi and Deutsche Bank. These funds are 100% strategically selected to achieve their peak performance in the medium/long term. inbestMe will monitor your plan and if necessary the team of experts will make specific changes to the composition so as to constantly keep to the best strategy.


The composition of our Index Funds portfolios depends on the invested amount. Please, keep in mind that the final funds of your portfolio may vary as our Investment Committee is constantly improving the portfolios.

  • For our portfolios of less than €5,000, we combine 2 of the 4 following funds:
Funds ISIN
Vanguard Global Short-Term Bond Index Fund - Institutional Hedged Accumulation (EUR) IE00BH65QP47
Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund EUR Hedged Accumulation IE00B18GC888


  • For our portfolios from €5,000, we use up to 16* funds:
Funds ISIN
DWS Floating Rate Notes LC LU0034353002
iShares Global Aggregate 1-5 Year Bond Index Fund (IE) Class D Hedged Dist. IE00BF2MW684
Vanguard-GL ST Bond Index Fund IE00BH65QP47
iShares Euro Government Bond Index Fund (IE) Class D Acc EUR IE00BD0NC037
Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund IE00B18GC888
iShares Euro Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index Fund (IE) Class D Acc EUR IE00BDRK7J14
iShares Emerging Markets Bond Index I2 Euro Hedged LU1373035663
Vanguard Eurozone Inflation-Linked Bond Index Fund
iShares Developed World Index Fund (IE) Class D Acc EUR 
iShares Europe Index Fund (IE) Class D Acc EUR
Vanguard US 500 ST Index Fund Euro Hedged
iShares Japan Index Fund (IE) Class D Acc EUR
iShares Emerging Markets Index Fund  (IE) Class D Acc EUR
iShares Pacific Index Fund (IE) Class D Acc EUR
iShares Developed Real Estate Index Fund (IE) Class D Acc EUR IE00BDRK7P73



Invest with low costs

IVA included

Invested amount Management Depositary and trading cost Average built-in cost of the asset
1.000 € a 4.999,99 € 0,41% 0,108% 0,13%
5.000 € a 99.999,99 € 0,41% 0,108% 0,14%
100.000 € a 499.999,99 € 0,38% 0,108% 0,14%
500.000 € a 999.999,99 € 0,30% 0,108% 0,14%
1M € a 4.999.999,99 € 0,25% 0,06% 0,14%
More than 5M € 0,13% 0,06% 0,14%


Which returns can I expect?

If you want to find out the historycal returns of our inbestMe Index Funds portfolios, please visit our dedicated returns page.

inbestMe Index Funds
Further information

What are index funds?

They are financial instruments whose purpose is to replicate the behaviour of a specific index (for example, a stock index). Imagine you want to diversify your investment across all the companies that make up the S&P500. Well, you can achieve this objective by investing solely and simply in an S&P500 index fund instead of investing individually in each of the companies that make up that index.

Why invest in index funds?

Index funds have broad diversification. They also feature tax benefits, since they are exempt when transferring funds. Tax is only levied at reimbursement and you only pay on profits or capital gains, not on the entire amount invested. They are highly adaptive to investor profiles and easy to track when replicating indices. 

Who is Index Funds best for?

Investing in index funds is recommended for long-term profiles who give speculative products a wide berth. This portfolio is best—though not exclusively—for those ready to make regular contributions, as this will decrease their risk by investing at different situations in the market.

How do I transfer my investment funds to inbestMe?

How are often rebalances applied to my SRI Index Fund portfolio?

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