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The forecasts showed are after Inbestme’s fees . The goal of the graph is to illustrate the range of possible returns of your investment. It does not account for taxes, changes in the risk profiles or other future investment decisions. Neither contemplates extra returns from future periodic investments. It is important that the future investor knows his risk profile to obtain a personalised recommendation. For more information about the graphs click here.

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Inbestme is a company regulated by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores CNMV, with code 272. The CNMV is the organ responsible of the supervision and inspection of financial markets in Spain.

The investments of our customers are insured by the FOGAIN, FONDO GENERAL DE GARANTÍA DE INVERSIONES,  whose objective is to insure until 100.000€ in case that any of these companies become insolvent.

Interactive Brokers Llc (IB): Our customers have access to an account in IB who is an U.S. based broker agency with branches in Europe.We have chosen IB for being the best platform in the last 5 years for its technology, services, low costs and additional guarantees. Every account is open using the customer’s name and he maintains control over it at every time, allowing Inbestme the management of the account Read more

SIPC (SIPC@): Securities Investor Protection Corporation. Insures until $500.000 of with $250.000 can be cash. This guarantee is derived from the additional guarantees obtained with Interactive Brokers Read more.

Inbestme is an independent company that has as goal to benefit our customers. Inbestme has implemented several security measures: SSL encryption, safe validation, electronic signatures. We count with the best guarantees for the investor.

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